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Gray Goose : The Best Vodka

Back on the success of this Russian vodka made in France. The success story of Gray Goose began in 1996 when the American business man Sidney Frank, already importer of Armagnac and Pineau in the United States, had the idea to create a new spirit that will allow him to continue the marketing success of the Jägermeister ( liquor from which he obtained marketing rights in the 1970s). He will set his sights on vodka, a relatively simple and inexpensive drink to manufacture, and will target the premium market by choosing to rely on the imagination of luxury French.

“France has the best of everything , it’s the home of luxury and we can bottle That “

Grey goose vodka

Traditionally associated with the world of luxury, the ”   made in France “is less so for vodka, rather from the countries of the East or Northern Europe such as Russia (Smirnoff), Poland ( Ż ubrówka ) or Sweden (Absolut ), … Qu ‘ do not worry. Sidney Frank decides to seek legitimacy from the master winemakers in the Cognac region by creating a French vodka based on their ancestral know-how. The name, Gray Goose (ash goose in French), refers to the geese that cross the Cognac region. Distilling his brandy on the land of the largest Cognac houses will also be the way to justify a price twice as high as that of its competitors in the market.

It was in 1997 that the businessman sold his first bottles. It relies on a fairly selective distribution network, the very one that marketed the Jägermeister at the time. As early as 1998, the legend Gray Goose is shaping, a period when the   Chicago Beverage Testing   Institute   means French vodka as the best vodka in the world. If the decision is not to everyone’s taste, it will nevertheless contribute to the explosion of sales.

To perfect its high-end image and promote its French lifestyle, the bottle with gray geese seeks to impose itself among influencers by settling in major hotels and high places of the night. Soon after its launch, the product will be cited in the famous hit series   “   Sex & the City   “.   Word of mouth will then take a lot of scale.

In the early 2000s, flavors diversify to adapt to new market standards. The original vodka comes in orange, lemon, vanilla or pear flavors, premium quality preserved thanks to fresh fruit aromas.

In 2004, the Bacardi group will buy the small start-up company for more than $ 2 billion to make it a real global brand (it seems the highest amount ever proposed to acquire a brand of drink). Bacardi will strengthen the communication area of ​​the brand by introducing it to the Cannes Film Festival. Present for the 8th consecutive year on the Croisette, she launched the Carré Gray Goose in 2012 and inaugurates her yacht the year after. An intimate setting to share his vision of French luxury, where guests are welcomed by Claudio Bedini , the new ambassador of the brand.

The product’s first medium, the packaging is also carefully worked. Each year now, great artists (Chopard, Christofle, Su Blackwell) join the brand to offer boxes in very limited edition.

Bacardi will also set up numerous partnerships with the best bars in the capital and around the world. In France, the brand has multiplied its shares for almost ten years. In 2005, she joins the Ice Kube Bar, unusual place located in the hotel Murano surrealist decor composed of 20 tons of ice with light and trendy musical cladding. Exclusive partner of the establishment, the Gray Goose is tasted in sessions of 30 minutes in an ambient temperature of around -10 °. A boon for brand awareness and premium image.After having contacted the French bartenders by organizing cocktail workshops, the brand installed last year an ephemeral bar on the terrace of BHV Rivoli and created for the occasion a new cocktail, Starlight , based on cherry, blood orange and lime.

In just a few years, Sidney Frank has imposed his French vodka on the market.   Bluff stroke, stroke of luck or stroke of genius   ? Maybe just an alchemy of the three. In 2008 Gray Goose had already captured 6.3% of the US market and 55% of the premium vodka market in direct competition with Smirnoff and Absolut.

What is grey goose vodka made from?

Gray Goose is a French vodka made from a selection of ingredients of very good quality. The soft winter wheat from the granary at Picardie and the naturally filtered spring water from Gensac, in the Cognac region, combined with a unique production process, make it possible to take advantage of the naturally superior properties of these ingredients. The cellar master oversees each stage of production, from the wheat fields to bottling, and is the guarantor of the consistency and high quality of this vodka.

A kilo of wheat. The second secret of the success of the Gray Goose is a clever dosage, that spies luxury experts. It is about preserving the very high-end segment of the brand while allowing it to conquer the planet. A balance theorized by Thorstein Veblen – a marketing icon – that sales of certain goods increase when prices rise (and vice versa). Thus the brand is positioned among the most expensive vodkas. In France, the bottle is sold 38 euros and beyond at wine shops and some hypermarkets handpicked. A deliberate choice: “The Gray Goose must be sold for more than 35 euros per bottle, just as in champagne there is a psychological threshold of 30 euros,” says Virginie Malekzadeh, head of marketing for France, where the brand has been launching since two years a major offensive. The production costs have little to do with the price: it is not the 60% demineralized water, the kilo of wheat and the few milligrams of yeast entering a bottle that lead the accounts. Neither the manufacturing process, which does not exceed five days. In the liquor industry, where vodka holds the top of the basket, we invest primarily in the image. Each year, Gray Goose, one of the group’s three stars behind Bacardi rum and Martini, invests 20% of its advertising budget in public relations with movie stars in Cannes: terrace at the Grand Hôtel , hire the services of great chefs, gala dinners galore … This year, everything is done to convince that a cocktail made from Gray Goose is as classy as a glass of champagne. “Since we know that alcohol consumption will not increase in France because of regulations, the cocktail is now the future of our brands,” says Virginie Malekzadeh. The house is therefore full on bars and bartenders. Those who can, like Thierry Hernandez, director of the bar at Plaza Athenee, in Paris, sell shovels of cocktails containing some centilitres of Gray Goose for the modest sum of 28 euros a glass!

Where is grey goose vodka made?

At the edge of the expressway, in a long straight line, 3 kilometers from Cognac towards Angoulême, it is a vast white industrial building in the business area of Gensac-La-Pallue. It has a singularity: there are almost always trucks dock loading for a departure every half hour. He is struck by a giant inscription, Gray Goose: all passing motorists do not know that it is a vodka.

Not only is it made in the heart of cognac, but has it become in less than fifteen years a flagship brand, already referenced among French luxury goods in a beautiful book published in 2009, along with Chanel, Mauboussin, Ladurée , Hennessy or Rémy Martin among others Manufacturer: Bacardi Limited

Grey goose vodka price

A magnum of 1.75l of the French Vodka Gray Goose is about between 110 and 120 €, but when the watchmaker-jeweler Chopard starts to design for its 150 years and locks the bottle in a bird cage, with goose gray goose on the cork, the price flies!

Goose vodka Prices
Grey Goose Vodka 1L 40 $
Grey Goose Le Citron 1L 65 $
Grey Goose Cherry Noir 1L 100 $
Grey Goose La Poire 1L 100 $
Vodka Grey Goose Litre 40 $
Grey Goose Le Melon 1L 120 $
Vodka Grey Goose Vx 1L 300 $
Grey Goose l’orange 70 cl 1 L 100 $
Vodka Grey Goose Poire 120 $

Product description

Gray Goose vodka is a high-quality liqueur made from wheat from the Beauce region.
Moreover, the distillation of wheat, in 5 continuous stages, makes it possible to obtain a pure alcohol, which is subsequently filtered with a cellulose plate.

  • This drink contains 40% alcohol and is marketed in 70cl bottles.
    Key dates
  • 1997: launch of Gray Goose vodka.
  • 2003: sales of Gray Goose reach 1.4 million cases.
  • 2004: acquisition of the Gray Goose brand by the Bacardí group.

Presentation of the brand Grey Goose

Produced and marketed by Sidney Frank since 1997, Gray Goose vodka is considered a luxury product for the high-end market.

Known as a major commercial success, Gray Goose reached the 1.4 million cases sold in 2003.
In 2004, the brand was acquired by the Bacardí group, which specializes in the production and distribution of spirits and rum.

Characteristics of Grey Goose

Since 2004, Gray Goose has belonged to the Bacardí Group, which is present in 170 countries and sells more than 240 million bottles of alcoholic beverages annually.